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108: Holiday Knitting Questions

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This is the second episode of the 3rd Season.

  • First there was The Expectant Knitter detailing Steph's adventures during her first pregnancy. There are 33 Episodes spanning January 2010 to September 2011.
  • Next came The Knitting Samurai Plus 1 detailing life from the birth of Steph's first son to the first few months of her second son's life. There are 102 Episodes available spanning September 2011 to September 2014.
  • Most recently The Knitting Samurai & Her Guys has begun starting in September 2014
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Knitting Time:

Sweaters for our Kids KAL! Now through 11/30.
Prizes are rolling in!  
First there will be this great bag from Silver Shed USA! and 
Second the New pattern from Jennifer Lassonde, Aila Grace Shawl.  
Third the New Pattern Pure Spring Sweater by Solveig Engevold, a seamless top-down cardigan sized 2-12 years!

Knitting Elizabeth Green Musselman's Langstroth sweater for Ro.  Thank you for the pattern Elizabeth.  I'm using Cascade 220 Heathers in color 2453 Pumpkin Spice.  Elizabeth has a great podcast Dark Matter Knits.  This is my third sweater with 220 Heathers.  Pattern calls for US 5/7 needles.  My 7s are all tied up so I'm using US size 5 - 3.75mm and US size 6 - 4.0mm needles.  I'm knitting the 28" chest size thinking it'll be roomy this winter and still fit next winter.  Really like that there isn't anything up against his neck.  Pattern is fun so far.  Bottom up construction means I have to pay minimal attention and am able to knit around the boys or when I'm brain dead tired.

Cast on a new baby sweater, not for my boys.  Realized I have 3 pregnant friends, two are confirmed girls.  So I'm off and knitting some tiny baby knits! Of course I thought of the Toddler Tshirt Vest first.  By Sam Lamb.  I just love this pattern.  This is my 5th one.  Tristan is so warm and toasty in his.  For this I'm doubling some Into The Whirled Tchula Sock in June 2013 Club Color End of Innocence.  I wasn't kidding about having some Club Yarn Guilt.  I'm using US size 7s - 4.5mm needles.  

Second Toddler Tshirt Vest first.  By Sam Lamb  using Opal Sweet and Spicy 2 in the Rotkohl color.  I'm using US size 7s - 4.5mm needles. 

What else is new...
I couldn't resist!  Halloween I cast on....Aila Grace Shawl by Jennifer Lassonde.  Into The Whirled Meridian Sock in the On The Rocks Colorway, September 2014 Club Color.  Knit along Starts December 1st, 83% of votes.  Obviously I'll do a second one :-)

Kim's Socks: Are finished!  Tristan's other teacher. With Berroco Sox in 1410 County Fair colorway. Using US size 0 - 2.25mm needles. Wendy Johnson's Slip Stitch Heel Basic Sock. I do a 2x2 rib on top of that. 

Cast on and off the Monster Face Hat by Rebecca Danger using Berroco Vintage using US size 7 - 4.5mm needles.  Took two evenings.  Waiting for Eyes from 6060.  Added ears.  About 1" too tall, needs some blocking, or I'll roll the brim when he wears it.  

Ryan's Peace Socks: Opal Sweet & Spicy in colorway 8617 Cake Pops.  Using US size 0 - 2.25mm needles. Wendy Johnson's Slip Stitch Heel Basic Sock. I do a 2x2 rib on top of that. Nervous about these.

Holiday knitting:
Knit worthy?  
*Vanessa, damaged them but wore them almost daily?  Knit for her again?
*Ryan, no idea but crafts herself?
*Mother, wears one of the 4 pairs of knit her but that's it, need to find out about fit?
*Lauren, never seen her wear any, husband wears everything.
*Roland's Teachers -Robyn & Tina, hats?  Fingerless mitts?
*Coworkers, Abby & Hannah

2014 Intentions:
  • All 2013 Rhinebeck yarn purchases prior to Rhinebeck 2014. Really shouldn't go if it’s not all knit up. 14 Skeins total. -1 completely used up, 8 knit with.
    • Steam Valley Fibers in Candle Light with Cabled Newborn Hat
    • Miss Babs Yowza! in Berlin with Denver Cowl
    • Dragonfly Fibers Traveler in Ruby with Peekaboo Mitts, Pear Hat and Beaded Fair Isle Hat
    • Miss Babs Yummy in Deep Sea Jellyfish with Tubularity
    • Miss Babs Yummy in Zombie Prom with Tubularity
    • Into The Whirled Ulundi 221B with SockHead Hat
    • Into The Whirled Bukavu in Vegetable Medley with Sock Bunny and Hat Set
    • Socks that Rock Mediumweight Hobbit Garden (finished)
  • 14 Pairs of Socks -stripe, solid, patterned, etc. Alternate Constructions a plus but not a requirement. -12 Completed
    • Grinch Socks
    • Sugared Violets Socks (Afterthought Heel)
    • Brick Socks
    • Snowflake Socks
    • Oldest Anything Socks (Bottom Gusset)
    • He was Kicking Me Socks (Afterthought Heel)
    • Mystik Spiral Socks (OMG Heel)
    • Lavender Socks
    • Houdini Socks (Afterthought Leg)
    • Fish Lips Kiss Heel Socks (FLK)
    • September Socks
    • Kim's Short Socks
    • 2 pair in process
  • 5 Pairs of Slippers: for Mum, Dad, LDZ, Nate, Me -1 Completed
    • Seamless Salomas Slippers for me
    • Lowanne recommended some that look great
  • Socks for AB, Shary, Steve, Dad, UD -Counting this as Completed
    • 1 pair for Dad
    • Have Knit 5 Pairs for other people, JKelly, Dad, Aunt Laura, Randi, Kim
  • 2 Sweaters for me, 2 for Ro, 2 for Thing 2 -3 of 6
    • Thing 2's are done, 2 Toddler Vests; LMFA Puffin & London Rico Yarn
    • Story Time Schoolar Sweater for Tristan
    • Soledad Sweater for Roland Completed
    • Langstroth Sweater for Roland on the needles
  • Knit More Hats (8 in 2013) -YTD 17 hats!!!  Completed
    • Garter Earflap Hat for Tristan
    • Windschief for me
    • Steve's Tweed Hat
    • Argyle Lace Hat for me
    • Rainbow Marley for Tristan
    • Easy Peasy Newborn Hat x2
    • Galatic Ruby Storm for Me
    • Bunny Hat Set
    • Sock Head Hat for me
    • Cable Baby Hat for Tristan
    • Garter Earflap Hat x3
    • 2 Crafting for a Cause Hats
    • Monster T Hat

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