Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Episode 127: Solo

Welcome to the Knitting Samurai and Her Guys Video Podcast!

Knitting Time:

Worsted Weight Socks for Father-In-Law using Rye Pattern by TinCan Knits and Berroco Vintage in Olive.  US size 4s - 3.5mm needles.  Finished for 176 yards!

Narnia Socks Using my go to sock recipe: US size 0 - 2.0mm needles. Wendy Johnson's Slip Stitch Heel Basic Sock. A 2x2 rib on top of that. Yarn is Opal Schafpate in color 8127. Brick Red/Spruce Green/Rust color.  Finished for 338 yards!

Maid of Honor Socks -frogged

Tristan's BRQ! By Shelley Mackie & Larissa Brown Using US size 2s - 2.75mm needles. Using Opal Rainforest, Fibernymph Bounce, and Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stopper in Dipping Sauce is the final piece.
15 completed squares for T's Blanket. Will need 30.

The Easy by Martina Behm purchased Done Roving Frolicking Feet in the Apple Picking Colorway for this shawl back in January.  Using US size 3 - 3.25mm needles. 

Unsure of the Campside Shawl by Alicia Plummer.  Using Spooky colorway of Dragon Fly Fibers Traveller base.  US size 7 - 4.5mm needles.  Not in love with the eyelet section or the way the center increases look.  Really like the size and mesh section.  Yarn is lovely and will look great this fall.  OK go for it!

Swap Package from PoppyCleo!

Mission 2015:

A Pair a Month: 12 Pairs of Socks (right on track)
  • Cake Pops 
  • Harvey Socks for Mum
  • Potty Socks
  • Jupiter Ascending Socks
  • Narnia Socks
3 Years to Build a Barn: Year 2: 16 to 22 Squares (same)
  • 8 Squares Completed
2 Sweaters for Me Yay! Completed!
  • Miranda Finished
  • Grace Finished

Rhinebeck/Thanksgiving/Christmas Sweaters for Tristan and Roland

End with Less than 2014 ended with
Stash Less than 164 Miles at year end.
WIPS Less than 29 projects at year end. 15 would be a stretch goal here.

  • Current Stash Milage -added 3/4 of a mile, 171.4 miles total.
  • Current WIPS 26 Projects! 5 active & 21 Hibernating -down 3 to last month 
    • frogged Zike socks, finished Kevin socks, baby sweaters weren't replaced.
Count me in on this Stash Dash! I have two successful stash dashes under my belt and am going for a third. I’m a 5K all the way! 5,468 yards baby!
Here’s my plan…for sure finish these…. 
KnittingSamurai’s Easy Boomerang for 350 yards
knittingsamurai’s Narnia socks for 320 yards 

knittingsamurai’s Twenty Fifteen Cardigan for 1000 yards 
Knittingsamurai’s Tristan’s BRQ for 2400 yards
knittingsamurai’s kevin’s socks for 300 yards
Along with 2 more pairs of socks for 650 yards
For 5020 yards

and potential these hibernating projects
knittingsamurai’s jet plan mittens for 180 yards 

knittingsamurai’s provence cardigan for 400 yards 
knittingsamurai’s vodka gimlet for 1500 yards
Knittingsamurai’s sideways Steph in lace for 960 yards

Total so far 514 yards finished!

Steph's UFOs shown during closet exploration...filter on Hibernating.

Where to find more episodes...
Steph is the Knitting Samurai on Ravelry and Instagram. Visit the Ravelry Group for Knitting Samurai & Her Guys to continue to the discussion.

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