Saturday, March 28, 2015

Episode 121: An Inch A Day or Motoring...

Welcome to the Knitting Samurai and Her Guys Video Podcast!

Knitting Time:

Tristan's BRQ! By Shelley Mackie & Larissa Brown Using US size 2s - 2.75mm needles.  Using Opal Rainforest, Fibernymph Bounce, White Birch Fiber Arts 80/20 merino/nylon and Into the Whirled Manchester.  
MadeInEngland is my savior!
12 completed squares but not sure using them all.

Twenty Ten Cardigan: by Veera Valimaki using Valley Yarns Northampton Bulky in the Fawn Colorway.  US size 8s - 5.0mm needles.  Just an inch a day!

Sock Contest Prize Drawing! 

Whatcha Watching?

Mission 2015:

A Pair a Month: 12 Pairs of Socks (same)

  • Harvey Socks for Mum
  • Potty Socks
3 Years to Build a Barn: Year 2: 16 to 22 Squares (same)

  • 8 Squares Completed.

2 Sweaters for Me      Yay! Completed!
  • Miranda Finished
  • Grace Finished
Rhinebeck/Thanksgiving/Christmas Sweaters for Tristan and Roland

End with Less than 2014 ended with
Stash Less than 164 Miles at year end.
WIPS Less than 29 projects at year end. 15 would be a stretch goal here.
  • Current Stash Milage is 167 miles -finished a sweater down a mile!
  • Current WIPS 30 Projects!  7 active & 23 Hibernating -hybernating down 1!.
Fulvous Curl! by Hunter Hammersen with String Theory Merino DK in Caledonia color that I bought at Stitches East this past year.Using US size 6s - 4.0mm needles.  Going to be frogged.

Where to find more episodes...

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